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Surfing is a water sport using a board as a tool for you to manuver on the sea wave. This sport is usually must be done on the high wave-tide. More high of the wave, more high you can enjoy this sport.

With the push of the wave the board (we called this a surfboard) will be moved and the surfer driving his surfboard. Your adrenaline will be pumped up. While on the sea, you have to keep the surfboard on the right way and also keeping the balance.

In Bali, one of the coolest beach to do this sport is in Kuta beach. In Kuta, although you can bring your own board, you can borrow the board dierctly on the becah. There are some Kuta beach boys rented the boards. There are about 500 meters surfboards that is available to be rented.

The price to rent the board is vary, between USD 5 - USD 20. Usually, the price is including for the additional guidance how to surf. If you are an expert, of course you do not need an advise from them.

It is not only Kuta beach as a great place to surf. Some of other beach like the Medewi Beach, Canggu, Seminyak, Legian, Dreamland and Padang - Padang are also good to surf. Once again, the most favourite beach to surf, until nowdays, is Kuta beach.

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