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Galungan in Bali

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Galungan is a celebration day for the triumph of Good (Dharma) against the Bad (Adharma). In 11th century, it was celebrated for the first time in Indonesia especially Java (Majapahit Kingdom), based on the Pararaton Java Holy book. However, since the fall out of Majapahit Kingdom, it did not celebrate for a long decade. It is celebrated again in Bali after the King of Sunu Kusunu got a divine inspiration from Bhatara Durga. He believed that God had been recovered their society from their illness, after it was celebrated again. That is why Galungan is celebrated until today.

Based on Bali mythology, it held since the battle of the troops of Bhatara Jaya Indra and Maya Dhanautama who always forbid the people who want to pray. Bhatara Jaya Indra won the battle, although he loosed many of their troops. The Tirta Empul at Tampak Siring, Gianyar, Bali is the evidence of that battle. They believe that the water from the Tirta Empul is holy water since the water sprinkling can make the die troop to be a live again.

In this 2007, Bali society will celebrate Galungan Day on 27th June, 2007. It celebrates every 210 days. It also called Galungan Naramangsa because held on 7th moon, it is mean that the time where Bhuta (mythical gigantic demon) is very powerful. They believe that it can be bad signal for the world.

By the way, hopefully this celebration should make them inspire to be controlling selves, bright thinking, educated and wise. God love their creature when they love Him too.     

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