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History of Bali - Klungkung, Karangasem, Gianyar

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In 14 century, Pejeng is one of the biggest Kingdom in Bali, located around Ubud area. In 1343, Dalem Bedaulu as the king were failed by Majapahit Kingdom. The capital city than moved to Gelgel, near Samarapura or already famaous with the name of Klungkung. On the next two century Gelgel is the capital city which is lead by the King of Dewa Agung.

When Majapahit kingdom collapse and Islam begin grow up in Java, Gelgel dynasti in Bali whose lead by the king of Dalem Batur Enggong was success in widen his power to Lombok and even East Java. At the same time with the collapse of Majapahit kingdom, some smart peoples including the artist move to Bali island. The biggest immigration Majapahit peoples to Bali was happen in 1478.

In 1710, the capital city of Gelgel was moved to near of  Klungkung. On this period some chaos was always happening. This situation than used by Dutch to entering Bali and begin their bad politic, devide at empera.

Three princess from Badung kingdom realize that they cannot win against Dutch. But they never want to give up and keep fighting till the end. Around 4.000 peoples in the deadly battle, that now we recognize it as Puputan Battle, which mean fight until dead.

Dutch after winning the battle against Badung kingdom, than trying to move to the east, entering Tabanan kingdom. This kingdom was easily collapsed. Other two kingdoms, that is Karangasem and Gianyar then was also easy to knocked out. Since than Dutch colonial has absolute power on Bali

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