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136 Tourist Dead in 2010

Posted under: Bali Indonesia News

It is surprise that many overseas tourist found dead in Bali, when they are on vacation. Holiday suppose to be for enjoying and relaxing the island, but how can we say, that some of the tourist must be gone forever and will be never to comeback again.

According to the report of the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar Bali, for the last 2010, from January until December, there are 136 tourist dead in Bali. Those amount 136 is from overseas tourist, such as from Australia, Japan, USA, China, Nederland and some other countries.

Most of them has been found in the hotel room, in the swimming pool, and any other places. Some of them dead because they already have the disease from their country (mostly because the old age), bad injured on the traffic accident, and also bad dish they had been eat.  The rest of them has found dead was because of suicide, and also murdered by another person.

Drowning in the sea when they diving or surfing, is also the caused. As you may already know the Bali is rich with the Bali water sport spots around the island, and it not wierd most of the tourist trying to take a part of the activities.

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